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Truth of sinking Destroyer Yafo at the same day of Eilat


حقيقه اغراق المدمره يافو في نفس يوم اغراق المدمره ايلات

يوم 21 أكتوبر 1967

Rewriting the history of Eilat sinking

Author and editing: Group 73 Historians

Ahmed Zayed

Translation: Ziad Aly



Indispensable introduction:

 Heck of this web named internet, it traps large youth Egyptian and Arab, it has been able to open a door too many information, documents and facts were unknown to us. Due to this fact, Arab youth came to it without any care of what is true and what is fake, based on the fact that having unreal or fake information is much better than haven't any.


And We , in the group 73 historians with the grace of God Almighty and the great effort and a great deal of luck , were able to see the other side of the story is the real side of many stories , which revealed in front of us,  a conspiracy on the young Egyptian and Arab to distort our history and to put the defeat in our souls as a doctrine- we all remembered the clip of the Egyptian Crazy pilot on YouTube , which proved that he is alive so far named Hassan Al-Rafei.

The film link:


Another living example we have , at one of the foreign military specialist sites , in which are displayed  the history of the war of attrition, named ACIG military, admins put  only eight victories only for Egypt  against Israel.


Pure chance let us consolidate relationship with two international writers in this domain among those who are responsible of this site; David Nicole and Tom Cooper. We asked them about the reason behind this poor Egyptian victories in air battle during of the attrition war. Their response was that they receive a huge amount of information and images from the Israeli Defense Ministry, which does not hesitate to lend a helping hand to them in their writings, while Egyptian sources are scarce and rare. Moreover, this number of Egyptian victories is the number which the Israeli gave to them and did not find deny or proof to the contrary. We started an online correspondence and put every Egyptian air victory is in our hand with all available evidence and pictures, if it is possible for them to correct mistakes in their site.


With the grace of God and some of the historical information that we discovered the correct number increased so far from eight victories to be nineteen victories , and it appeared in the new books to these writers , where the numbers began to balance a bit after it was fully in favor of Israel. This number of nineteen is the sum of what we gathered so far from some pilots we met.


General pilot Medhat Zaki , for example, participated in  two battles in which he dropped with his colleagues eight Israeli enemy Mirage fighters; one of those battles was on July 15th 1967, and was with him commander Fawzi Salama, Ahmed Anwar and Farid Harfouch . The other battle was on October 23rd 1968 and the Egyptian fighters trapped four Israeli jet where tumbled on the ground burnt.


It is only from one pilot we knew that there are eight Israeli aircraft have been destroyed, and he presented to us some of those photos along with dates, results and places where the enemy planes fall, in addition to two other jets he shot them down during the war of attrition, which bring the total to ten aircraft.


Coming to General Pilot Reda El-Eraqy, he has a score of four jets in the War of attrition. We published a

Photo of one of these burnt jets on our website.


And as such, the total so far jumped to fourteen aircraft, and if we add two confirmed aircrafts for martyr Major Sameh Marey , and two others confirmed for General   pilot Samir Aziz  the total reach eighteen confirmed destructed aircrafts.


In addition to the Phantom aircraft destroyed by General Ahmed Al-Mansouri, on February 15th 1973, the total will be then nineteen aircrafts.


Please note that we recently met with General Magd El-Din Refaat, who shot down another plane and the information has been sent to these writers.


That nineteen aircraft are the product of our meetings with pilots and their stories. In case that we will be able to meet with the rest of the pilots who are still alive, this number risk to exceed forty aircrafts.

Unfortunately, the young Egyptian incredible number eight aircraft is the only figure available to him , and thus forced to evaluate that Israel destroyed more than Sixty of our planes  and does not need any help from whoever in order to understand that Egypt has been defeated in a war of attrition air battles, no one corrects him information.


This quick introduction is to let who reads this research to slowdown his reading of the history, to make sure from several sources the precision of the information and not believe everything that is said about the war. It is to open the eyes of the reader on the fact that I will try to show here in this research and that I worked hard for two years to get her. On 21 October 1967 the Israeli destroyer Eilat  sank, and this is what we all know. But the truth is not like this!  Yes Eilat  sank, but there was another target in the engagement area with which we dealt with as Eilat and it was hit and sinking too.


I have worked hard in search of this other target, but without any success, until I logged in to a British specialist website in Navy destroyers while I was searching for Egyptian destroyers Nasser, Zafer and Damietta specifications as they were with a British origin to find a very exciting information, placed alongside with my compiled information to find in front of me a real discovery of a fact the Israelis tried to hide for more than 43 years.




Chapter One

Sinking Eilat as we know it

 We all heard and read a lot about sinking Eilat, and the purpose of relisting the events here is to clarify more the image, because we will get back to it later and will read between the lines. I hope that we follow the Eilat sinking sequence well.




20 Oct. 1967


Radar surveillance devices as well as visual surveillance detect the appearance of targets in the vicinity of Port Said at a distance ranging from 13 to 25 nautical miles outside the Egyptian territorial waters throughout the night and until the next morning.

21 Oct. 1967


Alarm system in Port Said base monitored tow targets moving at a distance of 15 to 25 miles off the coast of Port Said moving alternately approaching the coast for a 15 mile distance while the other will be at a distance of 25 miles.



Visual surveillance of Port Said base make sure of the identity of the hostile target and it was a British origin destroyer type Z



Entry of one of the 2 targets within the territorial waters by one nautical mile to become its distance from the coast to only 11 miles (territorial waters 12 nautical miles - 22 kilometers) before it went out again.



Wireless signal order to not attack the enemy.



In a telephone call to avoid eavesdropping hostile and the work of the enemy camouflage, General Command ordered to destroy any target enters territorial waters .



Target appears again near the coast with no entering territorial waters.



Notification from an Egyptian commercial ship named Suez Canal cruising off the coast of Port Said to inform seeing two Israeli navy pieces cruises off the coast of Port Said - ( This captain was a former Egyptian navy officer and has experienced with battleship identification).



Raising the degree of readiness of missiles missiles boats squadron type Kumar in Port Said led by Captain Ahmed Shaker.



Squadron commander Capt. Ahmed Shaker asked to disable the radar of the naval base, which was affecting the efficiency of the missiles boats radar at the port.



Hostile marine target at 14.5 nautical miles from the coast



Sailing of the Squadron (missiles boats 501 - 504) in the unobservable shipping lane and with a slow speed to not avoid enemy detection.



Hostile target within the territorial waters.



Two missiles were launched from missiles boat 504 led by Capt. Ahmed Shaker.



Big glare appeared on the horizon and the appearance of the target on missiles boats radar screens smaller than normal as a prove of been hit.



 Capt. Ahmed Shaker sends a signal to the base - we have been engaged with the target and destroy it and drown it in accordance with orders - ended



Missiles boats start to return back to the port following base orders



Egyptian radio broadcast a statement on flooding the hostile target without mentioning any details



Restart the naval base radar in Port Said and the discovery of a target in the same place.



The issuance of orders to Missiles boat No. 501 led by Captain Lotfi Gadallah to engage with the target and destroy it.



Sailing of missiles boat 501 heading for an engagement with the hostile target.



Missiles boat 501 launched 2 missiles on the target.



Big glare appeared on the black sky and then target appeared as small points on missiles boats radar screens sign of being hit.



Some parts of the hostile target start to disappear from radar screens



Missiles boat 501 arrive to the Distance 5 miles from the target location and see the water lit and the presence of debris and the remains of destroyed in the water .



Complete disappearing of the hostile target from radar screens



Israel announces officially sinking of a battleship, a destroyer, without mentioning its name on the beginning



Helicopters and ships of the enemy appeared in the region coincided with the withdrawal of the missiles boat 501 toward Alexandria for the withdrawal of the enemy ships , which started chasing it away from Port Said , where it misdemeanors  near the village of Ezbet El-borg  near Damietta.

23October 1967


Conference of Egyptian Ministry of War spokesman Gen. Mustafa Kamel announcing the destruction of two hostile targets and not a unique one.



This is a very simplified account of the facts of this glorious battle, according to Egyptian Navy records transferred from book ''Eilat Sinking'' of journalist Abdou Mubasher published in the reference section on the website.

In this simplified narrative we can summarize as follow:

1 - There were two targets which radar monitored throughout the night October 20th/ 21st.

2 - hit of a target by missiles boat 504 and the commander told about its sinking after seeing it plunge.

3 - Egypt has announced the sinking of a hostile target at 5:30PM.

4 - When the missiles boats return to refuel and to restart the radar of the base a target was detected in the same area, Missiles boat 501 has been ordered to sail solo and to engage.

5 - Missiles boat 501 launched two missiles, in result target  sank at7:45PM. Missiles boat approached to a distance of 5 miles which is enough to visually monitor any floating target with all this fire and flames lightening the water surface.

6 - At eight o’clock, 15 minutes after the sinking, Israel announced the sinking of a destroyer, rushed at the same time the enemy helicopters and armed missiles boats to the area and chased missiles boat 501 but it survived after misdemeanors in the coast near Damietta and enemy radar missiles boats were not able to detect it.

7 - Egypt announced on Oct. 23rd the sinking of a couple of targets and then returned back and concedes with Israel's announcement of the sinking of only one destroyer ''Eilat''. Nothing has been said about the two targets afterword.

8 - On October 27th Capt. Ahmed Shaker Squadron Leader and owner of first strike mentioned in the Bulletin of the armed forces : ''I saw the target immediately dive into the water and then disappeared from the radar screen after three minutes and then I ordered the second missiles boat  to return back  to base''.

9 - In the press conference on Oct. 23rd Gen. Mustafa Kamel spokesman of the Egyptian Ministry of War has been asked about the other target , he answered: '' two missiles were launched on a moving  target similar in size as Eilat , but because the dark, it was not able of his identity''.


All evidence relating to the existence of two targets; either radar or optical surveillance or of the captain of the commercial ship ''Suez Canal'' and based also on the missiles boats captains claims after that. Both of them claimed to shot 2 missiles on the target Eilat, because all of them monitor the target, launched missiles and  sank it.


So what actually happened at a distance of 11 nautical miles from Port Said evening, Oct. 21st 1967 , and why Egypt has announced two drowned ? Then returned and confirmed that it was only one target? Why Israel announced Eilat  sank 15 minutes after that Lotfi Gadallah launched his missiles toward the target while Eilat did not sink yet, according to the Israeli story? We are in 2010 now and get fast transfer of information to be up to the radio or television within 15 minutes, but in the case of a reporter at the site of the event is broadcasting on the air what is happening as we see in the satellite news channels now.


But the most important question here ............... what actually happened and who  sank Eilat??????

The facts and events listed leaves no room for doubt in the presence of another target, which was beaten and suffering and potentially drowning, also as it was not detected on radar screens after that.

Unfortunately , Egypt was still suffering from the consequences of farce media on June 5, 1967, and that made President Nasser issued orders to the leaders of the armed forces to confirm the injury or the destruction of any target materially confirmed or testimony , witnesses safeguard the dignity of Egyptian media and taking into account the morale of the Egyptian people , who lost trust of his own media after allegations of misleading issued by the Egyptian Radio in the day of June 5th 67 and  in the next two days , which was far be the truth .


Because of those instructions a lot of victories air and ground have been lost because there was not anybody to confirm. It was required from pilots, for example, in order to confirm the injury or destruction of hostile aircraft to either a photo of the burned plane or a witness or a piece of debris, and as a result many of the enemy aircraft felt down without being attributed to anyone because the claim of the pilot alone was not enough.  it is enough to know that the camera of the plane is working with the start gun to work and even stop , so if the fight has been done by  air missiles air to air , there are no photos, and if  fallen enemy aircraft on the east bank of the canal after being hit by Egyptian missiles from a plane, and if it is not watched by any of the other pilots that this hostile aircraft plunged to the circumstances of the engagement, the meaning that a hostile aircraft has crashed and died the pilot will not be counted or announced in Egypt.  That's why Group 73 historians met with a lot of pilots who have suffered from this problem and they have a record of beaten planes more than what has been published.


Chapter Two

Stealth destroyer

As I mentioned , all the evidence indicates the presence of another target with Eilat at the time of engagement and this other target  is a destroyer similar in size according to its radar signals and according to eyewitness, the captain of the commercial ship'' Suez Canal''.


Eilat has been involved in a battle on July 11th 1967 against the Egyptian torpedo missiles boats which has been lured by Eilat away from the coast, destroying them with the help of Israeli torpedo missiles boats. The hero of this battle was the martyr Capt. Awni Azer commander of the Egyptian torpedo missiles boats. Noted here that the Eilat were not sailing alone , but as a command ship and in assistant to the Israeli torpedo missiles boats , and we can conclude here that sailing of Eilat again with another unit is common and frequently. This confirms, without any doubt, the presence of another ship in accordance with the preceding evidences. Since the Israeli navy is a small force at the time and cannot be compared to the Egyptian Navy superior quantity and quality up to this day. The scope of the search for the other target was within the destroyers, cruisers or smaller frigates, I focused my research on the U.S. Navy or French navy ships, which have been gave to Israel, which was not including, unfortunately, I did not think that it could be British as Eilat. I passed two-year searching for another Israeli warship that may have been dumped or being struck with destroyer Eilat, with no success. So I started searching for the role of the Egyptian destroyers in the war of attrition and this search led me to a British site links for the British navy.


To find in this site something strange, there is a twin destroyer for Eilat named Yafo, and those destroyer first sail was in March 11th 1944 with the name of Zodiac, while Eilat sailed under the name of Zealous in the May 5th 1942, before Yafo by about two years, and both destroyers were built with the same model and exactly with the same specifications. Thus, my search began with more accuracy and more in deep.


Destroyer Yafo went out of active service in the British Navy and placed within the reserve just two years after entry into service after the end of WWII as there wasn't any need for a big Navy following the end of the threat of the Nazi to England and the surrender of Germany, the destroyer returned to serve in the British Navy under the renewal plan of the British navy until been sold to the Israeli navy in 1955 after it was completely refurbished in the port of Liverpool.

It is ironic that the British navy has sold four destroyers type Z category to Egypt and Israel during the same year, in 1955, where it sold to Egypt El-Fateh and El-Zafer and sold to Israel, Eilat, Yafo. # Z_class


According to the site of British navy history , convey to you what has been writing about Eilat , Yafo in  this site:


Yafo 1944

HMS ZODIAC remained in commission after the end of hostilities and served with the 4th Destroyer Flotilla in the Home Fleet until reduced to Paid-off and reduced to Reserve by February 1947. After two years laid-up in the Portsmouth Reserve Fleet she was brought forward for service with the 2nd Training Flotilla and deployed at Portland for training duties. In 1952 she again reduced to Reserve at Portsmouth. Whilst in Reserve the ship was refitted at Penarth in 1954 before being laid up again at Cardiff. She was put on the Sales List and sold to Israel in July 1955. Before further Israeli service she refitted in Liverpool. Renamed Yafo. This ship served with the Israeli Navy from 1956 to 1972 when she was taken out of service.


Eilat 1942

HMS ZEALOUS remained in commission after VJ Day and joined the 4th Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet. In August 1947 she Paid–off and reduced to Reserve status at Devonport. The ship was then laid-up in the Reserve Fleet at Plymouth.. In 1950 the ship refitted in Cardiff and in 1953 was transferred to Penarth during 1953. The next year she was placed on the Disposal List and sold to Israel. She was renamed ELATH at Cardiff on 15th July 1955 and during 1956 went to Liverpool for refit by Harland and Wolff. On completion this destroyer took passage to the Mediterranean.  She was  sank by 3 missiles launched from Egyptian patrol boats off Sinai on 21st October 1967.




Eilat/ Yafo specifications:

Displacement: 1,170 tons

Beam: 10.9 m

Length:  110 m

Propulsion: Geared turbines, two shafts, 40,000 hp

Speed: 37 knots

Range: 4600 kilometers

3 warning radars and managing and directing artillery fire and air defense radar for the


4X 114 mm guns of the L 45 model

5 cannon Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft

2 anti-aircraft guns dual 20 mm

8 missiles boating torpedoes pipes with a stock of 21 torpedo

70 depth bombs anti-submarines


What was strange is that Israeli navy records speak about Eilat so much, while mentioning Yafo does not exceed two lines; only date of entry into service in 1955 and another line about converting it to a target ship to train Israeli Gabriel missiles until it  sank in 1972.


Is it possible that the ship almost new and in excellent condition according to the state of Eilat, her twin sister, been placed as a target ship missile to shoot on it until  sank in 1972?  Will Israeli Jewish thought waster to that degree so that it comes out a large piece of warship, fully in from for service, in order to turn them to be a shooting target???

Or is there something we do not know???

Why not publish sailing registers of Yafo online like Eilat???

Why did Yafo not appear in any Israeli operations after October 67???


Chapter Three

Why sure damaging or sinking other destroyer?


According to the event previously mentioned, according to the previous brief analysis, and the certainty that there were another destroyer with Eilat, I put to you the following vision:


An Egyptian missiles missiles boat hit a destroyer (X) with 2 missiles at almost 17:30. Assuming that the target which was hit and seen by Captain Ahmed Shaker disappearing under the water was able to send a distress signal, it is certain that the warship which will try to answer the call is the one nearby at a distance of 15 nautical miles close to it. Thus, by the returning back of the Egyptians missiles boats to the port and the restart the naval base radar, it is natural that the later detect the other destroyer exactly on the same place trying to collect the injured, so the other target for which the second missiles boat came out to deal with will be the other destroyer which was the target of its 2 missiles and saw it sinking.


The second assumption is that one of the missiles that Captain Ahmed Shaker launched in the first strike has disrupted radio system in the destroyer, something logic and expected. So, it is natural that the second destroyer continue on track with a complete wireless communication interruption in this patrol, and it will be also natural that it will be near Eilat sinking area by the moment of its detection by the radar base in accordance to their oval track practice, and like this the second missiles boat may be dealing with other destroyer and sinking it.


In addition to many other strange evidences, questions, such as the following, are imposed:

Reason of the complete blackout on Eilat crew in dialogue with Israeli newspapers, and imposing certain statements, mentioned by the injured and wounded or the survivors, like estampe sentences.  If only Eilat who  sank, what military damage will be if soldiers tell the facts of the battle and the events of drowning?????


How Israel's announcement officially at 8:00PM on radio about the sinking destroyer Eilat and confirming its sinking while the second missiles boat led by Captain Lotfi Gadallah launched his missiles toward the target and  sank the target before the statement broadcasting by only 15 minutes ??????


The reader knows exactly how to broadcast military announcement of any nation at war time, where it comes out from the Ministry of Defense and passing through the military intelligence in order to retreat and choose certain words and to delete what it want before being sent to the radio or television, is all of that has been done within 15 minutes?


And how can we make sure of the sinking of the destroyer while helicopters or rescue ships did not reach the area yet?


The Israeli story:

Captain of the destroyer Eilat Isaac Shushan, born in Belgium to Polish parents in 1930, and took over the leadership of the destroyer Eilat in 1966, has been fractured spine during the attack - Shushan said that he sent a message to the headquarter in which he announced that the destroyer  sank and they're leaving the ship.


This sentence confirms that wireless devices was working , despite remarks of the first officer, Kalman , who said they tried to repair the transmitter to send a distress call with no success.

But captain Shushan words is supposed to be the closest to the accuracy and this explains the arrival of helicopters and boats in synchronous with Captain Lotfi Gadallah attacks towards the other destroyer  which came to the rescue of the first destroyer .


This means that the Eilat  sank or started drowning and crew abandoned it before that the second missiles boat starts to fire its missiles, which means that Eilat on the radar looked smaller, due to the fact that it has a   sinking part of it, which did not happen, and the radar detected a full size destroyer that has been hit. Thus, the second target was floating 100 %.


Anyhow, all statements mentioned by the Israeli soldiers and officers rescued from Eilat were completely contradictory, except at one point, which was that Eilat was hit by four missiles.


First and second hit and it began to sink and then hit by the third and the fourth while almost of its half under water is a fabricated story.


Just to mentioned to the reader that until now it is prohibited for anybody whom been on board of Eilat to  talk to the press or TV without the approval of military intelligence, and to tell the same story that have been said before for millions of times. Even the book written by the captain of Eilat is full of fallacies, as if they were working hard to publish a particular story and hiding the truth, just as happened with the submarine Dakar and submarine Tannin, where their stories remained far from press and media until Israel has been forced to declare the search of Dakar’s victims in 1980.


The falsified Israeli story says that a missile hit Eilat at 17:30 followed by another missile exactly in the middle. The two missiles touched the destroyer and paralyse and led to the sinking of a large part of the mid chambers of the destroyer and that the engine chamber began to be filled with water as well as some flood reports about the other rooms as well. Destroyer's captain ordered then the sailors to group themselves in the front and in the rear and to start to evacuate the wounded in the three rescue boats that remained intact.


Captain Shushan added that with the evacuation of the wounded another missile hit the destroyer and that he realized then that it was the end. He issued an order to evacuate the destroyer completely and a second later, with the start of sinking, a fourth missile touched the  sank part of the destroyer, exploded and injured tens of sailors whom been already in the water around the destroyer.


This was the falsified Israeli narrative and it is very easy to refute it as follows:

- The captain of the destroyer claims been hit by 4 missiles and that he sent a notice to the headquarter telling them that he plunge and will leave the ship,  this is what he said, according to his press releases after the battle.

The difference between the first missile and the third about two and a half hour, so why not send a signal telling that he is under attack so Israeli aircrafts provide for him protection and send him another destroyer as rescue.  Why waiting until the third missile hit the destroyer to send a signal that the destroyer is sinking and he will leave the ship since the transmitter was still working.


Captain claimed the existence of an interval between the third and the fourth missile allowing to him and his men to leave the ship and to swim enough to a safe distance!

The reports of the battle indicate that the time period between the missile 3 and 4 were not exceed 30 seconds????


Captain claimed in his statements that he had sent a distress call and that he will leave the ship after the third missile struck, means at 19:47 while the Israeli rescue missiles boats arrived to the area after just 30 minutes, while the nearest port, port of El Arish is away from the battle zone by a distance of not less than 80 kilometers in a straight line.

Is the call arrived and Israeli rescue missiles boats moved at lightning speed to 80 kilometers in just half an hour,  means  they were sailing by a speed exceeding  160 km/hr.!! Is this logical???? .


Why the captain of the destroyer didn’t do any worthy job during two and a half hours while his ship is sinking, as he said after the second missile , why did not order the evacuation of the ship for example?!!


Why did not the Israeli story mention anything about another destroyer existence in the region? Why completely avoid mentioning it as long as it was infected or not sink?!!


In another falsified story, written by a contemporary American writer named Herman Wook, whom trying to deceive History.

Herman Wouk Lists in the first part of his book ‘’The Glory ‘’, which was written in USA in 1994 and published by ‘’Little Brown & Co’’, the story of dumping  the destroyer in details and relief calls which were sent  and not received by the navy headquarter. However, few a group of Israelis located, by a pure chance, nearby the Bardawil lake, East of Port Fouad, sent the call to the Israeli army, which in turn sent to the Israeli naval to save what can be saved... nothing was on the water surface but only a few injured individuals.


As he also described the last moments in the life of this destroyer, what happened to it as damage and how deception felt in the sailors ... and attempts of the Israeli navy to rescue who remained on the water surface ... and fear which they had from Egyptians to continue their bombing ... and lists how radio was damaged and how water was devastating the ship chambers… fire… wounded and dead people.. Also he mentioned few names, about ten of them, not everyone.


In this falsified novel, he claimed the non-reception of distress calls to the Israeli Navy, but this contradictory with the captain’s words, who officially announced that he had sent a distress call and that the destroyer was sinking right after the third missile struck and only 20 minutes later Israel announced officially the sinking of Eilat, does these words make sense?


Admiral Mahmoud Fahmi, former Navy commander and former operations chief of the Egyptians navy in time of battle mentioned in his book ‘’Pages of history’’ page 98 to 100 says:

‘’ I moved to the office of Colonel Adel Hashim, where communications from Port Said base was flowing as successive flowing melodies in a nice symphony.. Missile number 1 is launched… Number 1 hit the target… Missile number 2 launched... Number two hit the target... Target destroyed… Like this, in just few minutes the largest Israeli navy unit crashed, their largest Destroyer Eilat sank. We humiliate their arrogance and we cut their nose.


Immediately I ordered the return of the two missiles boats to the base. The first after that he launched his missiles and the second bearing his missiles. Both missiles boats returned and received enthusiastically by Port Saidians. They were cheering and praising the brave heroes of the Egyptian Navy, they saw everything that happened by their eyes, because dark wasn’t installed until the boats entered the base platform.

I moved with the commander of the naval forces to his office, where we congratulate each other. As we accept also congratulations from everybody for what the Egyptian navy made as great victory in limited minutes... However, it was hammering in my head the second target, which we were informed about this morning; Israel's second destroyer, to whom I retained the second boat missiles. I was expecting that the second destroyer to try rescuing the remains alive individuals from the first destroyer.


At 18:50 Colonel  Adel Hashim rushed to me saying that a the target appeared on the radar screen at the same spot of destroyer Eilat or slightly beside it . Immediately, I issued a command to the second missiles boat to chase it, led by Captain Lotfi Gadallah. After less than twenty minutes, I rushed back to the commander's office to inform him that we drowned a second Israeli destroyer.


On the morning of the following day, I held a press conference, following the instructions of the General Commander  in  Chief of the Armed Forces, in his office in Cairo. It has been attended only by all the Egyptian newspaper reporters led by Mr. Mohamed Hassanein Heikal , chief editor of Al-Ahram at this time and telling them the whole story . However, what appears in the newspapers was not the full picture as I  have mentioned now.


But what puzzles me is whether the second Israeli destroyer Yafo sank? Or It was not originally present in the theater ?  Is what appeared on the radar screen after it has been hit the " Eilat " more than an hour and a half is its echo itself after being flipped upside down? as claimed in some of the books that represent the Israeli point of view . All the Israeli sources denied the sinking of destroyer Yafo, but never give a proof of this assumption. This is not the attitude of the Israelis!  They might hold a press conference on the destroyer itself as they did on other occasions. But the fact is that this destroyer did not show up again till now in the Israeli ports or any other ports.''


These few lines from the former navy commander 's dairy puts for us a large line under the confirmation of  Yafo's sinking without any doubt . Having the evidence of being the Chief of the navy Operations that on the time of the battle and who hold the press conference announcing  the sinking of another target, but for some reason known now, is the military credibility, the story of the second target  was hidden and cope with the Israeli statement .


So if Israel , for example , claimed that the destroyer has been hit and did not sink, was Egypt coping with this even with its confirmation of sinking 2 warships?????


The Marshal Gamasy ,who was Chief of Staff of the front at this time and before the establishment of the second and third armies in his memos he added some very important statements in our listing of the story:

''October 21st  1967 came and I arrived to the front command center after a comfort brake. I found Major General Ahmed Ismail , along with Brigadier General Hassan Geridly Chief of front's operations, and I was at this time Chief of staff of the front,  monitor Eilat movements near the territorial waters of Egypt in the region north of Port Said.


The information was received updated from the Naval Command in Port Said, whom been watching the destroyer movement.  The forces of the base prepared themselves to attack the destroyer when orders will been issued from Navy forces. The hostile destroyer remained inter the territorial water and then going out to the international water. This was repeated several times in a provocative manner to show the inability of our naval forces of stopping them.


Once ordered were issued from the Navy headquarter to tear down this destroyer when it enters the territorial water, two missiles boats emerged from Port Said base to carry out the task. The first missiles boat launched a missile against the destroyer, hit it directly and tend on its side.  After the second missile the Israeli warship " Eilat" sank North- East of Port Said after 17:00 in the evening on October 21st 1967, having its crew on it. The destroyer sank within Egyptian territorial waters by around a nautical mile. Both missiles boats returned back to the base and inflamed the feelings of all forces in the Canal front and all the military forces which has been done quickly and efficiently and realise this brilliant result.


The dumping of the destroyer Eilat by two nautical surface-surface missiles  for the first time, the beginning of a new phase of development of naval weapons and naval battles in the world, and this date deserve to be indeed the day of the Egyptian Navy.


Israel asked the international supervision of the UN that the Israeli rescue aircrafts flight to save those individuals who jumped into the water when the destroyer  sank . Egypt responded to the international forces request to not interfere in the rescue operation , which has been done under the torches troughed from the aircrafts. Egypt didn't use the opportunity to killed those who have been under rescue operation.''


Marshal Gamasy's words, as Chief of staff of the front, and a good followers of what is happening confirmed the sinking of the destroyer by 2 missiles.  Eventhough that he didn't mentioned anything about the second target is due to the fact that only the Naval headquarter and the radar people only and no notice had been sent to the front command about the second target.


 That lie by the Israelis to hide the other destroyer sinking with Eilat has been too long and it's time to end.





What really happened based on the official narratives whether from the Egyptian side or Israeli


-At 17:25 evening of Oct. 21th  1967 missiles boat No. 504 led by Captain Ahmed Shaker launched 2 missiles towards the destroyer Eilat hit it in the middle, tended and began sinking as witnessed by Captain Ahmed Shaker on radar screen .


- the ship's captain sent distress call, may did not reach the Israeli navy headquarter on time but for some reason delayed its arrival for an hour, or that distress call had arrived and that Yafo has been ordered to rescue the wounded, in both cases the distress call has reached Yafo, whom cut the normal track and sent out to rescue Eilat.


- Between 18:00PM and 19:00PM Eilat  sank, leaving the injured and the wounded and survivors in the water of the Mediterranean Sea.


- Israeli navy notified the Chief of Staff around 18:30PM after Captain Shushan message telling that Eilat starts to sink.

- Egypt officially announced the sinking of hostile warship.


- Arriving of destroyer Yafo to the area between 18:30 and 19:00, which was the same period when Israeli missiles boats sailed from El Arish port to rescue to sinking Eilat.


- At the same time naval base radar in Port Said detect Yafo's presence in the region and commands issued to missiles boat 501 led by Captain Lotfi Gadallah to engage.


- At 19:40 missiles boat 501 launched missiles toward destroyer Yafo resulting its complete sinking, along with confirmations of eye witnesses and radar signals from missiles boats' radar and the naval base radar in Port Said.


-Arrival of Israeli Navy missiles boats in synchronous timing with the arrival of the helicopters , and start to chase missiles boat 501 who succeeds after two hours of pursuits  to escape from five hostile missiles boats according to Captain Lotfi Gadallah missiles boat's commander .


With this chronometric relay this seems to be very logic according to the Egyptian and Israeli stories revised after some phrases filtering that have been introduced as statements to be said by all the sailors.


While retaining a strong doubt, not answered yet, was Eilat whom been shot first or Yafo been shot first. Both are completely identical in size, speed, armament and radar footprint. To know the difference you must get closer to the target and see the unit number; is it 40 for Eilat or 42 for Yafo. But this does not matter now, there is a destroyer  sank near seven o'clock followed by another one by quarter past eight o'clock.


The marine experts have examined intensely this battle because it is the first battle in history can a small warship by the size of a missiles missiles boat sink a a large size destroyer by missiles launched  from behind the horizon. The experts concluded after knowing the characteristics of the missile Steix that was used in the battle, that one missile is enough to let the destroyer be out of order and two missiles are enough to sink it, based on experiments conducted thereafter



Missile Steix :

Characteristics of the missile:

Entry in service 1960

Length: 5.8 m

Diameter: 75 cm

Wide: 2.4 m

Speed: 0.9 Mach

Range missile: 80 kilometers

flight over the sea surface ranging from 100 to 300 meters

Destruction head 454 kg of high explosive materials

Control: radar, Self guided and infrared wave


This means that the head weight half a ton in addition to the amount of fuel that did not been consumed. In other words, that a ton of explosives had hit Eilat in the first strike by the Captain Ahmed Shaker, and this ton of explosives sink the destroyer and sent it to its last resting place. Other than another ton hit Yafo and sent it also to its inevitable destiny.


 I've tried so hard to put in front of you in a simplified manner the evidences to assure the sinking of two Israeli targets on October 21st 1967 , two destroyers Eilat and Yafo.


According to the diary of Admiral Mahmoud Fahmi: Israel denied the sinking of Yafo , but did not offer evidence of the opposite.


From the records of the Israeli Navy Yafo is no longer in active service beginning of 1968 and it turned to be a shooting target ship to train missiles Gabriel until it  sank in 1972. This is undoubtedly another lie from Israeli successive lies on us. Unfortunately, we believe it pursuant to the principle dumping a destroyer better than nothing, and according to this principle we did not announce the sinking submarine Dakar or damaging Tannin for long years and this until that Israel Radio announces the news


Even before the October war, The 2 Egyptian commanders were fully convinced that each of them has flooded Eilat, the picture was not clear enough at the time and until the death of Captain Ahmed Shaker before the war each of them is sure to sink a hostile destroyer and each of them saw on his radar screen the target dive into the water thus each of them is quite sure about his story but they were not aware that indeed each of them  sank a different destroyer than the other.


Appendix: Thanks due to Dr Yehia El-Shaer for his help with this important appendix.

Names of some dead israeili soldiers in this battle and their DoB as we could collect:


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